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Delaney Taryn

julievsjulien.com custom clothes

Thank you so much for the excellent quality and the little gift that it came with also. I really appreciate your eye for detail and great customer service

Delaney Taryn– an English teacher from USA living in Ho Chi Minh

Thyra Witschard

julievsjulien.com custom clothing

I love it so much. Thank you for making my beautiful prom dress…

Thyra Witschard- a Danish student living in Ho Chi Minh city

Valentina Emanuele

julievsjulien.com custom clothing

I am happy with the result. Many people ask me where I had it made. I has recommended you to my friends.

Valentina Emanuele– an Ecuadorian expat working for an international tech corporation in Ho Chi Minh city

Marine Hlisc

julievsjulien.com custom dress

“Oh, I love it. I have just shown it to my friend and she wanted to have one made by you”

Marine Hlisc- a Croatian manager for a tech startup in Ho Chi Minh city

Daisy Hazna

julievsjulien.com custom clothing

The outfits you made for me were very nice. I have some more items to make. I will contact you soon.

Daisy Hazna – an Indian manager working for an English ad agency in Ho Chi Minh city.

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