Handcrafted homeware

Vietnam is known for its meticulous, extremely aesthetically pleasing goods and long-standing traditional artisan villages. Products created in Vietnam from rattan, bamboo, wood, water hyacinth, and sedge have been well-known and exported to many countries. In order to help increase the demand for Vietnamese handicraft products both domestically and abroad, we are currently a direct distributor of many manufacturers in traditional craft villages. Take a look at the available homewares and interior design products we have now. You can choose products your like from these categories or request to make products of your own designs. The minimum order quantity will range from 100 products to -1000 products, depending on the designs and type. The more items you order, the lower the price will be.Depending on the design, materials, type of products, your specifications and quantity, the production time will vary, from 1 week to 1 month. We accept orders from all parts of Vietnam and provide nationwide delivery with reasonable prices and practical modes of transportation. For orders coming from outside of Vietnam, we have reliable partners who can expeditiously and conveniently deliver your products to the majority of countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, and America. Please send us a detailed request at orders@julievsjulien.com if you are interested. Julie vs. Julien is honored to serve you!

Various models and styles, produced to the highest levels of hygienic, sanitary, and aesthetic standards
Bamboo bag, spoon, fork and cup
Bamboo bowl
Bamboo water bottle
a rattan tray, a set of cutlery, and straws for travelers
Bamboo straws of many types and sizes
Tea canister
Bamboo, cork, rattan, woven sedge vases
bamboo lacquer bowl
bamboo handbags
Bamboo serving trays come in various shapes
Bamboo trays
Chopstick tubes, food trays, paper towel boxes, and other containers
Flower vases, bamboo trays of various shapes
Bowls, trays, hot pot holder
Wooden furniture
Set of containers in the bathroom
Rack basket, storage tray, picnic basket, laundry basket
Turntable, bamboo tube, wine tray