The holiday season is coming. Many of you have undoubtedly started looking for appropriate clothing these days in order to join your loved ones in the joyous atmosphere of year-end and new-year events. But how can you enjoy shopping without worrying about your wallet? Julie vs. Julien understand your feelings and would like to allay your worries by giving you access to the largest sale of the year. More purchases result in greater savings and even more lovely gifts being brought home. For orders over VND 1 million, you can get complimentary papyrus or brocade bags in addition to free shipping.
Check out the offer below if you want to experience wearing high-quality, beautifully designed clothing without getting shocked by “wallet pain”!


Delaney Taryn

julievsjulien.com custom clothes

Thank you so much for the excellent quality and the little gift that it came with also. I really appreciate your eye for detail and great customer service

Delaney Taryn– an English teacher from USA living in Ho Chi Minh

Thyra Witschard

julievsjulien.com custom clothing

I love it so much. Thank you for making my beautiful prom dress…

Thyra Witschard- a Danish student living in Ho Chi Minh city

Valentina Emanuele

julievsjulien.com custom clothing

I am happy with the result. Many people ask me where I had it made. I has recommended you to my friends.

Valentina Emanuele– an Ecuadorian expat working for an international tech corporation in Ho Chi Minh city

Marine Hlisc

julievsjulien.com custom dress

“Oh, I love it. I have just shown it to my friend and she wanted to have one made by you”

Marine Hlisc- a Croatian manager for a tech startup in Ho Chi Minh city

Daisy Hazna

julievsjulien.com custom clothing

The outfits you made for me were very nice. I have some more items to make. I will contact you soon.

Daisy Hazna – an Indian manager working for an English ad agency in Ho Chi Minh city.